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  • Mary Zychowicz

Halloweensie Writing Contest 2019

Griselda McGlitchen

Griselda McGlitchen was feeling an itchin’

To draw Halloween tricksters around.

She cooked up a pot of rank rubbish and rot

And stretched cobwebs from trees to the ground.

Well, that didn't work.

Griselda McGlitchen went back to her kitchen

to find a new potion to mix.

She tossed in some goodies and gumdrops galore

Set her kettle on smoldering sticks.

She really loves to cook.

The smell drifted out to the Trick or Treat Trail

where the road has twisties and bends.

Soon Monsters and Mermaids and Mummies arrived

Griselda now has some new friends.

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